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August 15, 2018

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Bautista Notaries introduce fingerprint verification services

A fingerprint is a powerful proof of identity. Every person has an individual and unique fingerprint and in all the billions of human and automated comparisons of fingerprints, no two prints belonging to different persons have ever been found to be identical. Because of that, there are a number of jurisdictions where there is increasing use of fingerprinting to confirm a signatory’s identity, including the USA. In a global climate where there is growing concern at the increase in identity theft and fraud, where transparency of transactions and disclosure of identity are gathering importance to avoid fraudulent or even criminal activity, and where security is paramount, it is clear to see that fingerprinting makes a significant contribution to ensuring credibility, confidence, and probity.

Bautista Notaries in Gibraltar has recently introduced fingerprinting to its comprehensive range of notarial services. These fingerprinting services will facilitate the notarisation of documents, especially where fingerprinting as a form of proof of identity is an essential requirement. The facilities are also available for a range of other purposes, including for identification purposes that may be required by law enforcement agencies and for some employment purposes or residential permit purposes that are demanded in some jurisdictions.

If you have been asked to provide fingerprint identity, our fingerprinting officers and qualified, certified notaries right here in Gibraltar will offer a service tailored to meet your requirements, including that of verifying your identity, obtaining the fingerprints in the required format, and then notarising the documentation. We can also arrange an apostile service, and, if necessary, we will provide affidavits to confirm that our fingerprinting officers took the fingerprints.

To take the fingerprints, we use rolled ink impressions, possibly better known as the ‘ink and card’ method. The way that fingerprints are taken is simple but we are responsible for making sure that they are taken accurately and with as little inconvenience to you as possible. It is important for the fingerprints to be clearly identifiable and therefore our fingerprint officer will request that you have clean, dry hands. For the image and the unique patterns of ridges on your fingertips to be clearly visible, our officer will gently but firmly take your finger and apply ink to cover the whole pad of your finger tip. The fingertip will then be rolled firmly onto the card, from one side of the pad to the other to ensure an image of the whole fingertip is made onto the card. We will, of course, help you every step of the way. The ink we use is non-toxic, will not stain your fingers and are easily removed with a tissue. We are also able to take account of temporary and permanent disabilities in relation to the fingers and hands and can work with taking palm prints and making notations of any circumstance which may mean that accurate prints cannot be taken.

While there is tremendous value to the collection of fingerprints, and, indeed, this is essential for documents to be accepted in some jurisdictions, there are important data protection and privacy issues to be considered and strict protocols to be observed. Bautista Notaries’ highly qualified, professional team is fully versed with Gibraltar’s robust data protection and personal privacy regulations as enforced by the GRA (Gibraltar Regulatory Authority). We carry out carefully controlled processes for the collection, use and storage of biometric information and apply strict security protocols to ensure the safeguarding of our clients’ private data.

If you require fingerprinting services and ancillary notarial services, contact us so that we can proceed to provide you with quality advice and with the personalised, professional services that best suit your needs.